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CTS Spindles are not that strong

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too the truck out to do some lite testing and broke a spindle ill have pics up soon. :thatswck:
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they are real. Got em from Greg.
The bumps blasted a hole in the lower arm and that made the coil bind witch broke the shock mount witch broke the spindle.

so i need new lowers now too.
no the bumps are corect!
the lowers do not have guests under the bump plate. So the lower in caving in.
i understand your point. But based on what i was doing and the point in which they failed they should not have.

i contacted CST as well. They agree that they should not have.
Ill get some up as soon as i get off work.
up date! both spindles are cracked! ill have pics up soon.
are you keeping the the frontier hubs Mustard?

they are bent too.
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need new ones first.
1 - 13 of 51 Posts
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