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CTS Spindles are not that strong

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too the truck out to do some lite testing and broke a spindle ill have pics up soon. :thatswck:
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So it wasn't the spindle.. it was that your bumps are not set up right? Shorten your bumps, and make sure they hit the strike pad.
If the bumps tweaked your lower they are not correct..

The bumps blasted a hole in the lower arm and that made the coil bind witch broke the shock mount witch broke the spindle.

so i need new lowers now too.
quoted before you change your story..
What you are doing is making it so half the people that have CSTs are going to think they are bad and we get another story like all the front diffs are going to blow up.

when the truth is your not using it in a way that is made for and It only failed after another part failed.
there is a bunch of titans running this same set up and are not having this failure.
BMS's long travel spindles

CST spindles

use the right tools for the job..
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BMS make nice stuff.. I talked to them about building my truck but they wanted twice what I'm paying BTF to do it.
are you keeping the the frontier hubs Mustard?
Going to Titan hubs, and putting Chevy axles in the 9" so it will all be 6 on 5.5.. but you are 2wd so he can make them with what ever hub you want.
they need some gusseting.. and I think they are two tall to be prerunner spindles, it throws the geometry out of whack. cut them down 2 inches.
how many inches are they piviot to piviot?
I know stock titans are 20" and shortening them any would not be a good idea, if any thing they need to be longer to keep you from running out of upper arm on droop(aka camber in at droop). The geometry on the frontier fails in that the upper arm piviot is too high and the upper arm is too short.

so with that beeing said, you would actually want the spindles to be taller than stock to correct the geometry and enable you to have more droop travel. ( if you can even acomplish that with stock bj's)

Like 5 speed said they are 4 inch lift spindle, I think they should be cut down 2 inchs. I knwo Greg at PRG cut down his CST spindles.
I know it moved the hubs down, but I believe the spindle is longer.. I can't run them because I'm 4wd. But From the ones I have seen they look longer..

Serrated are you strapping it to keep the ball joints from binding?
that your problem the the lower ball joint is binding and puting to mush pressure on your Spindle. that kit was never made to pull more then 15 inches.
On another note, do spindles make the front wheels stick out farther than the back wheels? Ive looked through EVERY spindle lift thread and still cant tell.
yes they push the wheels out an inch.
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