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CT here!!

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Hey guys! Great resource your providing. I have an 05 KC SE. It was stock, until I got on this website. Just ordered a Volant CAI with powercore filter and I'm looking at superchips and a magnaflow. Any suggestions?

Also, how do you guys feel about grille guards? I'm slightly torn as to whether it'll look good or not.

Lastly, I have a Lund Genesis roll up tonneau cover for the 05-10 KC without utility tracks. It's brand new in the box....I'll take the best offer for it. I have one on my truck and I love it.
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Welcome to the club.

I have the Volant without the powercore and love it, although some guys have had problems with the powercore filter. (Example - The Superchips is well worth the money. I personally will be going custom on my exhaust but lot of people on here have installed the Magnaflow kit and been happy with it.

Post up the tonneau and grill guard in the Buy/Sell/Trade section.
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