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CT here!!

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Hey guys! Great resource your providing. I have an 05 KC SE. It was stock, until I got on this website. Just ordered a Volant CAI with powercore filter and I'm looking at superchips and a magnaflow. Any suggestions?

Also, how do you guys feel about grille guards? I'm slightly torn as to whether it'll look good or not.

Lastly, I have a Lund Genesis roll up tonneau cover for the 05-10 KC without utility tracks. It's brand new in the box....I'll take the best offer for it. I have one on my truck and I love it.
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I work in Danbury...ouch-1hr + commute one way!

That's why I need the better gas mileage. Not sure if the cost of all these performance enhancers will offset the cost in gas
Welcome! I live in Danbury but work in Stamford. I feel your pain with the commute. Read my sig, with all that I'm getting a solid 18.5mpg on an 80 mile round trip every day. The mods you're looking at will improve the mpg if you keep your foot off the loud pedal.
Wow...more CTers than I thought. I try to stay off the gas as much as possible. It'll be hard to do after I install the exhaust : )

Sweet Mods! Where those NISMO headers a tough install?
4.5 hours but I didn't want to bother with it so I had the shop install them when they built the dual exhaust. Now it's probably harder to find a pair of the NISMO headers then it is to install them.
It's bitter sweet:

Great source of information and fun stuff, BUT

it's getting expensive already!! LOL
You have no idea :)
Where my CT people at?!

bump on the foglight question...anybody know anything about the blinglights?

I got my Volant installed...ITS SICK!!!
No idea on the foglights. A lot of guy go with the factory ones. My truck came with them. Might want to post the question in the appropriate subforum since the introduction threads generally don't get looked at all that often.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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