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I just got my new rims and tires after a blow out on the interstate. I have and 06 le stock. I bought MB Tko 17x8.5 12 offset with Falken Wild peak a/t3w in 265/65/17. My plans were to lift the truck afterwards. At first I was thinking doing a spacer lift, but didnt feel like it would give me the height I needed, then thought of coilovers, and while researching coilovers I came across the CST spindles which give 4" of lift. I think this would be perfect.

Now my question is I see it says max backspacing of 5", however I've seen a lot of people running stock rim on them which are have a 5.43" back spacing, my new rims have a 5.22" will I be safe running these new rims? I I just got the 1/4" stainless wheel spacers would I be fine or should I get adapters. I dont want the rims sticking out too much and I know the spindles already push them out some.

Also for a level look what should I do the rear? 2.5" shackle? Ive been searching reading up on the spindle lifts and just want to get an opinion on whats the best option. This is my first lift on a vehicle.
What did you end up doing? Im looking at the cst spindle also, so just curious.

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