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Cruise Control no Workie

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I have a 2000 frontier V6 with a faulty cruise control. I have replaced the relay, and also checked the switch under the brake pedal. Also checked all connections for vacuum leaks. They symptoms are the CC light comes on, but flashes and will not maintain speed.

I finally broke down and took it to the dealer for an unrelated problem, and had them look at the cruise while it was in there. They claimed it to be a control unit, and wanted 800 dollars to fix. I am trying to find the part and do it myself, but not sure what they are referring to by calling it the control unit.

Any suggestions?
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The ECU is Engine Control Unit. I would check all the wiring for bad connections. Also, you might want to reset the ECU by disconnecting the negative battery terminal and leaving it off for 15 hours, then reconnecting it. Do whatever you can before you let the STEALERSHIP rip you off! The factory servic emanuals are available FREE on Club Frontier You should read through them first before you do anything else.

Good luck.
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