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Hey guys,

Been a long while since I have really been active on here.

I bought my Frontier, an '04 XE 4x4 back in 2009 used with 56,000 or so miles. Since then, It has been my daily driver, and I have now 272,000 on it. WOW, totally blessed by God to have a long lasting vehicle like this!

Have not really done much to it, other than the 2 deer I hit with it, and have been T-boned once by a lady in an SUV who couldn't stop at an Icy intersection. Had it in the repair shop for that, and a few times from the deer, and other minor stuff. I did just have the alternator replaced.

Anyways, I have to say I have neglected her and now wish I didn't. Word to any of ya that put off some maintenance, Don't!!

Back about 2 years ago I had a local shop replace the rear axle gasket because it was leaking. Less than a year later it started leaking again. So I have been adding oil at a very slow rate to the rear X. Well, yep, I ignored it too long. I knew I needed to keep track of it better and about 3 weeks ago I had that alternator replaced. I knew then I needed to buy a new rear diff cover and gasket and do it right.

Last night, got home from the Girlfriends at 11 PM and thought something smelled like gasoline. Got out of the truck and closer and smelled like something was burning or hot. Put my hand on the rear axle and it was hot. So I put oil in before work, added and topped it off today at noon. Drove it back home (40 miles) and it was still hot tonight after being full of oil.

So my question if you guys could help, How much can those axles/bearings take for abuse? I am going to order the cover/gasket and replace it (Anyone have a good parts dealer?) but how worried should I be? It still drives. What should I be looking for as more symptoms? When I pull the cover off soon I should be looking for shavings right?

Yes, I screwed up. I know it. Take care of your fronty no matter how many miles!!!
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