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Craigslist find ""BILSTEIN ADJ. COILOVER SHOCKS - $80 (Tyler, TX)""

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Craigslist find ""BILSTEIN ADJ. COILOVER SHOCKS - $80 (Tyler, TX)""

Was checking Craigslist this evening came across this don't know if anyone needs them but $80 for both. Now why couldn't I find this when I was looking


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I am in Georgia and could use these for my truck. Would you be interested in picking them up for me and shipping them to me?
Sorry I'd like to nfloyd77 Tyler's better than 100m each way what it'll cost fuel an time would be more than than it's worth. Try contacting guy and seeing if he's willing to ship them to you.

I did most of the pickup from several different states size wise a set of PRG 2Leaf packs from Georgia to TX were >$40 and have to say heavier than those shocks.

Thanks. I understand.

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts