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Craigslist find ""BILSTEIN ADJ. COILOVER SHOCKS - $80 (Tyler, TX)""

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Craigslist find ""BILSTEIN ADJ. COILOVER SHOCKS - $80 (Tyler, TX)""

Was checking Craigslist this evening came across this don't know if anyone needs them but $80 for both. Now why couldn't I find this when I was looking


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80+shipping. Would you buy sight unseen?
Yeah I tried and he said he would ship them, but wanted to do some Walmart to Walmart Moneygram cause he wasnt very familiar with PayPal. That once he got the money he would go to USPS and ship them and send me a tracking number. We settled on 100$ flat transferred to him, but the walmart moneygram site kept giving me an error and never went through. I told him i would drive to walmart on my lunch break and send it person. Before I left to go send it i sent him a confirmation text to see if we were still a go, then i never heard back from him. The money gram thing seemed sketchy, but figured hell its only 100$ i have gambled on worse. Oh Well no Bilsteings for me......
For the 100$ it wouldnt even be worth going after, i am not in the business of giving money away but still gotta know when to cut your losses. I am not sure he said his name was Clifford Allen everything we talked about seemed legit from the reasons why he was getting rid of the shocks to what he was doing to his frontier next, but who knows. You are right probably for the best, Ill wait for the next holiday and catch them on sale or something.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts