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Cracked Frontier/Xterra Pacesetter Exhaust Manifold with Pics

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Hey Gen1 Fronty-gang, just wanted to share a point of frustration and unnecessary expense so hopefully others may avoid it in the future.

A few years ago paid to have the cracking stock exhaust manifolds replaced. Was excited to try a set of USA made Pacesetters.

Past two years or so, they've been gradually getting louder. First folks told me it was just a leaking gasket, so I got new gaskets and paid over 500 bucks to have them installed. Mechanic says "both of your exhaust manifolds have severe cracks." Based on the crazy amount of ticking noise it was making, it made plenty of sense.

Looking to save some bucks, contacted Pacesetter on the phone to inquire about warranty replacement parts. A nice guy named Joe answered and told me there's a 5 year warranty on the unit's construction and 3 years on the attached cat converter. I asked if they had done anything in the past couple years to correct/improve the design and he said they had not.

Well no point in putting a bad product back on there only to have to pay hundreds of dollars to get them replaced two years later. It's nothing but a loosing scenario. Got some Dorman exhaust manifolds which are cast, have better welds at the cat AND a lifetime warranty.

New exhaust manifold's installed after over $1k out the window for labor. Got to take a look at the OLD units and WOW! There are at least 2-3 severe cracks (cracks that run approximately 1/2 the circumference of the weld) per side and you can even see light through most of them. See pics below for proof.

In summary, although Joe at Pacesetter was nice enough, there's no way anyone should be selling products like this to the public. Avoid the Pacesetter exhaust manifold units like the plague on your Frontiers and'll be paying for it again and again. Also worth noting there was less than 15k non-abusive miles on these units. Hope they eventually improve the design.

Seeing is believing...


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Quality post. Good looking out and thanks much for the warning.
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