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In the past I have ordered a couple of small things via the interweb, from Courtesy Nissan (Richardson, Texas)
Since I fubarred my clutch at last weeks WENT Windrock event I needed to get the parts for the rebuild....... I ordered a new OEM Nissan flywheel from Courtesy. Best price that I found for the factory version.

The next morning I received this email ..... As I read the first sentence I am thinking "oh no" ..... But as I read further I started to shake my head .... this is how you are supposed to do business! Read below ... and then the follow up "It's shipped" email

Dear Mr. Whateveryournameis,
Thank you for your order. This is to let you know that Nissan has informed us
that part # 12310-EA200 FLYWHEEL is on national back-order status. However, I
was able to procure this from another local Nissan dealership, and we should
be able to have a driver pick it up from them today. If we can, it will ship
this afternoon; if it's tomorrow, then it will ship on Monday, as none of the
shipping carriers pick up from us on the weekend (still a whole lot better
than the 2-6 weeks it could take waiting on a back-order release). I'll let
you know either way.

Kindest regards,
Scott Chapman
Courtesy Nissan, Inc.

Dear Mr. Whateveryournameis,
We did get the flywheel in time for your order to be packed and shipped today.
Here is the tracking # (you should also receive it via automated email later
this evening):

I did not pay one penny more than the original Courtesy internet price .... not even a mention that it might cost more to buy and resell it from the other Nissan dealer.

What a great experience! Thank You Scott and Courtesy Nissan!

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Now THAT is customer service!!! Thanks for sharing.
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