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Cost of ownership, 4 cylinder vs 6 4wd

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Thinking about upgrading my 2007 4 cylinder manual to a 2006-08 6 cylinder 4wd manual. Truck I end up with will probably have around 100k miles.

Mpg seems like the biggest cost. my current truck gets only about 19. I drive in town mostly and I am fairly hard on it and Go 70+ on the freeway. V6 mpg on here seen to vary a lot. People claiming low 20 while others say 14. What should I expect?

Any other costs I should be thinking of?

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Another cost to think about. If you have to put a timing chain in that V6 you are talking some major bucks.
Is that a issue with the v6? I've been looking for issues with them and most what I can find is the radiator/transmissions thing but I'm sticking with a manual so that's no issue
I figured mpg would be the main cost of ownership difference. Was trying to account for any others.

Mpg is somewhat important to me as I use the truck for work and put 20k+ miles a year on it. Trying to figure out if it's going to be 1 or 2 mph difference or 5 or 6. At 20k a year that is $700-1000 a year if gas stays in the $2.5 to $3 range.

May not seem like much to someone paying $30k for a new truck but I'm looking at older ones around $10k or less.
Maintenance of front diff & transfer case fluids.

My smaller/lighter '00 XE 4-banger 21-22 mpg // high of 26 mpg
'15 SV V6 6-sp at 16-18 mpg // high so far of 21.7 mpg

Are you planning to tow or haul? Towing/cargo capacity of V6 Frontiers exceeds I4 by a fair margin.
No plans on towing but nice to know I could. I mostly want the 4wd and a little more muscle for going up hills and passing power.

I had a 01 2.4 frontier manual before this one and got 23-24mpg no matter how I drove it. Second generation is much heavier and get worse milage, although a much nicer more refined truck.

I do have larger heavier tires on my current 07 4 banger. It definitely doesn't help the mpg but is great on fire roads for weekend fun.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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