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Cost of ownership, 4 cylinder vs 6 4wd

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Thinking about upgrading my 2007 4 cylinder manual to a 2006-08 6 cylinder 4wd manual. Truck I end up with will probably have around 100k miles.

Mpg seems like the biggest cost. my current truck gets only about 19. I drive in town mostly and I am fairly hard on it and Go 70+ on the freeway. V6 mpg on here seen to vary a lot. People claiming low 20 while others say 14. What should I expect?

Any other costs I should be thinking of?

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I dont know about the exact numbers of cost but i will say i’ve owned both 4 & 6 cyls Frontiers and the loss of power does not match the gas saved. It was not noticeable to me at all. The 4 banger had to work harder than the 6 and therefore the fuel costs are close. As i say, i never noticed that big of a diffference.
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