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Cortex programmer

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OK guys I got the Cortex programer on the way. When I go to the superchips site is there anything specific I should be looking for to download to get the best out of it? Just need some direction
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The only thing you can do before you get the cortex is download their updater program. Then you can set up a username and password for it, but without the unit, thats all you can do. Once it comes in start the updater and enter your info, follow the directions, then plu gthe cortex into a POWERED usb port(usually on the back of the pc), then let it update. Then go have fun!
K I got the cortex toady I loged in and registered and then I went to update it. It seemed to do it on its own then it said it was sucsefully updated and I could unplug it. Thats all I had to do? Is it really that easy?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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