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Cortex multiple users

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so i have done a little searching and i cant seem to find an answer,

i am planning on splitting a superchips cortex programmer with a friend of mine who has an 06 xterra 4.0L

i was wondering if we will face any problems like if the programmer needs to be plugged in to work, or if the programmer imprints itself to a vehicle, or if there is a difference between the two vehicles even though superchips says the same model works for both vehicles since they have the same engine.

i assume i will encounter no problems but would like other peoples opinion or if anyone has any first hand experience with this. i haven't emailed superchips themselves because the way i figure it they have a vested interest to tell me that i need to buy 2

thanks for the help
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While lacking on specifics, this question-answer was in Superchips' Tech Support Section:

My tuner works fine on my vehicle, but after I returned my vehicle to stock and tried it on another vehicle I own, the screen showed E-6D “Needs Update – why?
Every Superchips programmer is freshly loaded at our factory with the latest databases meant to provide extremely broad vehicle coverage. Your vehicle’s calibrations (tuning files) were inside our database, but your other vehicle had calibrations Superchips has not seen before.

You can run Superchips Easy Update on your programmer. If the files are ready, you get them immediately. If not, you will receive an e-mail as soon as they are available.

Who's to say if you have one vehicle or two that you're going to use it on....
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