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Considering a JVC KD-HDR60

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Does anyone have any experience with a JVC KD-HDR60 HU? I'm looking to replace my factory DD HU in my 06. I wanted a unit to hook my Itouch 3 gen to that you could control from the HU or the Itouch. The JVC does this and also goves me the HD option without breaking the bank at $150 after coupon. I'm concerned about how it will look going to a single din unit. I planned on getting the unit and kit from crutchfield.
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I personally would look into a pioneer head unit just for ease of use. Pioneer is leaps and bounds ahead of the other companies in ease of use and also really cool features.
Disagree. I've had several JVC headunits, and my new Pioneer in the truck is much more frustrating to use/navigate than any of them were. Also, I'm not sure anybody puts more features into a headunit than JVC does (at the price).
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