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Considering a JVC KD-HDR60

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Does anyone have any experience with a JVC KD-HDR60 HU? I'm looking to replace my factory DD HU in my 06. I wanted a unit to hook my Itouch 3 gen to that you could control from the HU or the Itouch. The JVC does this and also goves me the HD option without breaking the bank at $150 after coupon. I'm concerned about how it will look going to a single din unit. I planned on getting the unit and kit from crutchfield.
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I just bought and am awaiting shipment of the KDR-610 JVC deck.

JVC KD-R610 CD receiver at

I like that crutchfield ships free and there is no tax for me. I should get it next week (shipping across the country) and I plan to have it installed next week. This one is $30 cheaper and still has ipod/iphone controls which was the big seller for me.

I've heard that the trim kit that crutchfield sends isn't that good, but its free so why not..If you can wait, i can take pics and write a review of this deck. what sold me was that it supports iphone, has usb input on the front, has aux input on the front, and the color can be matched to your dash colors.:fantastic:
sound is ok for a $140 deck. I wouldn't say it is a LOT better than stock, but given its additional capabilities I'd say it is worth it.
WMA, MP3, AUX In, iPod and iPhone compatibility which can be controlled from the deck.

The interface is a bit clunky in that it is not super obvious on how to change settings etc. Usually for me, I can spend 5-10 seconds with a device and figure out its interface, but with this I actually had to reference the manual. When I first got it in as well, FM wasn't present. I had to reset the deck in order for the tuner to come in. I haven't had a chance to fully listen to the output of this deck, but I'd say it is better, but not significantly better than stock.

One thing to note is that when the iPhone is connected, it can only be controlled from the deck. Another big WIN was that the USB port on the front of the deck charges my iPhone which is clutch so now I don't have to replace the car charger that my wife stole. =)

Here is a pic of the iPhone when connected via usb to the deck.

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Thanks for the pics, I hope my install looks as good. Didn't realize you had to solder your harness together. How long was your install time ? The JVC I was considering can be controlled from the HU or my Itouch. That was one reason for selecting the KD-HDR60. Now all I have to do is wait for Father's day, kids wanted to buy it for me. - Steve
Install time took me about 2 hours with an hour for a newbie solderer like me (my first time). The dashboard part is the easy part - 5 total screws and a few harnesses to plug/unplug. by far the easiest car i've installed on.

you don't need to solder, but it's recommended for a stronger connection (won't fall apart behind dash)
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