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Considering a JVC KD-HDR60

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Does anyone have any experience with a JVC KD-HDR60 HU? I'm looking to replace my factory DD HU in my 06. I wanted a unit to hook my Itouch 3 gen to that you could control from the HU or the Itouch. The JVC does this and also goves me the HD option without breaking the bank at $150 after coupon. I'm concerned about how it will look going to a single din unit. I planned on getting the unit and kit from crutchfield.
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Thanks for the reply. I would love to see pics of your install. I considered your model as well I just wanted the itagging available with the HD. - Steve
Thanks for the pics, I hope my install looks as good. Didn't realize you had to solder your harness together. How long was your install time ? The JVC I was considering can be controlled from the HU or my Itouch. That was one reason for selecting the KD-HDR60. Now all I have to do is wait for Father's day, kids wanted to buy it for me. - Steve
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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