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Complete Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement Parts List

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I am in the middle of getting my secondary timing chain tensioners replaced, but I am out of warranty (80k miles). Nissan's current TSB only replaces 2 of the tensioner shoes and the secondary chains themselves (along with some o-rings and such). Since I have this mileage, and don't want to have to open the engine up again for a long, long time, I want a more complete service done.

I have compiled a list of all parts that one may want to consider replacing when having this service done on your own:

13085-EA200 x1 (guide-chain)
13085-EA210 x1 (guide-chain)
21010-7Y00A x1 (water pump)
21049-31U03 x1 (water pump o-ring)
21049-31U04 x1 (water pump o-ring)
21049-AE000 x1 (seal o-ring)
11720-EA200 x1 (serp belt)
21200-31U1B x1 (thermostat)
14032-EA200 x3 (intake manifold gasket)
11026-01M02 x1 (crush washer)
15208-9E000 x1 (oil filter)
13028-ZS00A x1 (primary chain)
13028-ZK01C x2 (secondary chain)
13070-EA200 x1 (tensioner)
13070-ZK01A x1 (tensioner)
13070-ZK01B x1 (tensioner)
15066-ED010 x2 (seal o-ring)
15066-31U02 x1 (seal o-ring)
15066-31U03 x1 (seal o-ring)
15066-2Y510 x6 (seal o-ring)
13510-7Y000 x1 (seal-oil)
13270-EA20A x1 (gasket-rocker cover)
13270-EA21A x1 (gasket-rocker cover)
23797-ZA000 x2 (gasket-solenoid)

5w30 Engine oil of your choice x6 qt
Pre-mix coolant of your choice x3 gal
Permatex Ultra Grey Gasket Maker x2 tubes

I compiled this list with the help of a certified Nissan tech as well as a reputable Nissan parts supplier who I have worked with many times before in the past, and feel confident that it is complete. I am posting this list for informational purposes only. If you end up in a similar predicament to myself, you go right ahead and replace any parts you see fit (plus or minus my list).
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hey Steve, just sent you a voicemail to make sure we are still on for this coming weekend do take care of your timing chains....
yup- we're still on. cant wait to get rid of this whine...
some pics of the awesomeness:

first is the vq40 in all its bare grandness.

next up is a closeup of my driver side tensioner still installed. notice how the chain is INSIDE the shoe. it's supposed to be on TOP of it.

Third is a great comparison shot that S14-NEO got for me of the new vs the chewed up shoe and the last is a new tensioner in all its glory.


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How long did it take you from start to finish?
i didnt do the work but id say mark was somewhere between 10 and 12 hours from popping the hood to turning the key. you would have to pm him for details.
im just curious, but has the cause of this issue ever been determined?
This is on my list as well. It just started whining when cold. Goes away when the engine warms up. I hope to make it a few more months, unless it gets substantially worse.
does anyone have a vid of how the whine sounds so i know what to listen for...i would love to take care of this before my warranty is up (just hit 50k)
does anyone have a vid of how the whine sounds so i know what to listen for...i would love to take care of this before my warranty is up (just hit 50k)
You have a few options. You can go to YouTube and search "frontier whine" and the first 3-5 responses are the case. You could also search on CF for keywords like (timing, chain, secondary, whine) in the titles and see if you can find on of the 5ish or more threads relating to this issue.

In a nut shell, it sounds like a mini supercharger under the hood. It goes up with RPM and oil pressure so at idle, it is faint but once you hit 2.5-3k, it is more pronounced.

SideNote: There is a report from an X owner that he drove like that for 2 years and a ton of miles and it never broke. He just had it fixed when he was having a bunch of other stuff done.
In the sticky up top this section, I posted the official TSB report on it (which includes the full parts list in .pdf), don't recall which page and there are a few video's in there...
How much roughly does all these parts cost to DIY? I am out of warranty and starting to hear the whine. Prob would have heard it sooner but I have an intake/exhaust and it really masks the sound. I think I remember when I first purchased the truck back in 05 and being bone stock, took it out and heard the whine when reving, thought it was the tranny in 4WD.

I just need an idea so I can start saving.

If I remember right, I spent about $300-$325 to replace everything.
im just curious, but has the cause of this issue ever been determined?
Not that I recall, but one that made a lot of sense to me was poorly made secondary timing chain with sharp edges on the links that cut into the tensioner shoes.

I've dodged this problem so far, but I have only 51K on the clock.
Does anyone know of a link for a write up DIY style on this? I'm at 63K and just started hearing the whine, called my dealer and they said it would be $2000 plus tax - I don't have that kind of money.
I had mine checked out at Selma Nissan and they said it would be $1225. I asked them about getting it done for free or at a discount because it is so common. They said no its just too difficult considering its a 10 hour job. I'm in the process of begging nissan to pay for it for me. Talked to them on the phone today and will be hearing back tomorrow from somebody who reviewed my situation. Got my fingers crossed!
Good luck brother. After dickin around with Nissan for about 3 weeks they finally told me they would issue a $250 service credit, that is after they said they weren't going to give me anything and I threw a fit and asked to talked to the boss. So I'm stuck with a $1252 repair, and yes that is after the whopping $250 credit. :pullout:
Working on doing the secondary timing chain tensioner show replacement/repair now. In the process of taking some pics and writing something up for all your DIY's like me.

There are many steps and things to try to keep straight if you are doing it for the first time like me. I could see how easy it would be if you've done it before like many of the techs on here. They say takes 9.5 hours of labor.

I have 2006 Nismo 4 x4, always run fully synthetic oil and top brand/quality filters. I got 125K on engine now before the "high pitched whine" stared. Luck to get that many miles I guess.

I was quoted $2K for the repair when actual parts cost less that $100.00 If you got about 2-3 days.

Here's some other info. UPDATE ON TRANY BY PASS. While doing the the work I accidentally busted off the bottom hose connect for the by pass because it was practically rusted off and guess what came out..... ANTIFREEZE. I couldn't believe it. First you could clearly see the antifreeze pour out followed by the red trans fluid left in their from by pass. thank goodness I did the by pass or I would also be looking at a new tranny bill too.
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