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I know we already have a sticky regarding common problems with Frontier, but I dont think we anything for common issues that have been resolved in the current model year. (If any of the issues really have of course). Or if there is a way to prevent the issue from occuring. I think this would be helpful for potential buyer who have heard through the rumor mill to not buy Nissan because of this issue or that...

I will just throw some items out that I am not sure for a fact they have been resolved.

Timing chain guides: Currently, it sounds like the chain is the culprit as its too sharp and cuts into the guide. I have had a few dealers tell me that this has been corrected in the 07' model year, but they revised TSB includes all 05's through 10's. No known way to prevent it.

Leaking radiator internal transmission coolers: I have been advised that this was an early problem that should really only affect 05' and 06's. Nissan relized there was a problem and corrected what was wrong with the radiator. Have been advised that flushing the coolant every 30k prevents corrosion and reduces the risk of the internal tranny cooler failing. Can also bypass the internal cooler to eliminate contamination risk completely.

Fuel sending unit: Not sure on this one, it seems to impact the early models more than the current ones, could have something to do with mileage. I have been advised that it can be prevented by not allowing the fuel gauge to repeatadly drop below 1/4 tank.

I will stop there. There are other known issues with the rear axle's, etc. but I dont know enough to comment.

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My 2008 never needed to go in for any repairs. All it needed was normal maintenance.
I like the idea of showing how the newer trucks corrected past faults but people need to realize that the majority of Frontier owners are content with their trucks and have NO issues. It's what gets posted online that makes the readers thinks the problem is huge when it's not.
Google is a great tool but also highlights things making it appear worse.
This year Nissan is using a long life (150,000 mile) anti-freeze in some models so learn what's in yours if new. Mine is blue and believe that's what I have but need to verify to make certain.

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