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I have an 07 Lifted Nissan Frontier and a lifted Fleetwood Cobalt Popup camper. (Its the small version 8 ft. long.) I am planning a trip from Denver to Telluride through the non-paved mountain roads with the family. Some have told me it would be easy to do, others have told me that it would be extremely dangerous. I am looking for specific feedback on the following passes and weather or not I could get up and down safely with a popup in tow....

Passes include......
- Mosquito Pass
- Hangerman Pass
- Pearl Pass (or Taylor pass as alternative)
- Kebler Pass
- Ohio Pass
- Los Pinos Pass
- Cinnamon Pass (or Engineer Pass as alternative)
- Imogene Pass

I am concerned with the switchbacks and if I can make some of the turns....I have been almost all the way slate river, washington gulch until I hit the snow line in july. This trip will be mid august.

Can I do this trip in 5 days?

Anyone have any advice?

Thanks. Mac
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