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Collins Nissan (ontario Canada)

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The service department here was excellent. Went in a with my 09 crew for one tpms sensor. They replaced it as well as another that was also leaking that I didn't know about. And investigared a code that happend 10 minutes before my appointment. ( check engine light came on after turning off engine removing key and still had engine running) They couldn't find a cause but documented my compliant and fixed the sensors all while I waited, just over 1 hr.
Sales department I cann't say the same about. When i looked at a new 2010 and had them run the numbers for me the sales guy inflated the sticker price by almost $1000 (not freight or any other charges they were also on the paper work),then they said they were going to give me an extra $1000 for my trade over what they had originally offered. I didn't notice the extra money on the sticker price until I got home. They lost a sale because of that, but again the service department was excellent.
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