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Clutch & Flywheel

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Hello there... New to online forum here but member on other pages off of Facebook and etc.. I have a question for the 6speed frontier owners here...
By the way I have a 2013 Nissan Frontier Pro4x with about 143000 on it right now. I put about 130miles on her a day. I got it with about 115miles on it and she’s been great to me. Recently I noticed a little slip while accelerating it jumps about 200-300rpms. It happened couple time here and there.
Due to this I’ve been doing some research and have come across the JWT 275mm CLUTCH & FLYWHEEL. Apparently it’s the best option for our truck. So I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with it?

And i also heard there are group buys here and there... just wondering if anyone planning on starting one soon? Let me know please and thank you!!!
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Replaced my clutch with an Exedy and the dual mass with a JWT lightweight flywheel.
Absolutely love it.
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How many miles on your new combo...did it help/hurt MPGs?
About a thousand miles.
Hard to say because I also went from 285/75 Cooper At3 to Firestone Destination in 265/75. Overall roughly 1.5-2mpg.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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