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clunk noise since new 2005 se cc 800 miles only

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Did anyone experienced this problem on 05 Frontier:Clunks once after take off ,only if the engine was priorly shut off.Clunk comes from under the front of the truck, right after transmision shifts from first to second gear(automatic).Thanks for input
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No similar problem.

I used to have a piece of junk 02 Ford Ranger that would illuminate its CHECK ENGINE light every once in a while if the gas cap wasn't tight enough. The dealer knew about it and told me "it is normal."

It always makes me wonder how a bug like that could make it through all the way through to production. I guess that's why Ford is having financial issues and my brother's Ford is always in the shop being fixed.


I know this had nothing to do with what you were asking, but oh well.
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