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Clubfrontier stickers

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There used to be somebody that did the clubfrontier stickers. I just had my rear window replaced and would like to get another one. I cannot seem to find the thread, maybe not looking in right sections idk? Could anyone point me in that direction? I think the guys name was like creepycruiser or something and a car as his profile picture? That is atleast 3 years ago though as I got them right when I got my truck!
Anyone know whom/what I'm talking about?

Like the one here in my left rear window. That's exactly what I'm looking for!
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I wanted the exact same one as I have other stickers the same color blue as that one so if I had someone else do it it wouldn't match. Not to mention I'd have to get permission to make another decal rather then just ask for the right place.
I ordered my stickers and they'll be here shortly, thanks for the link 2013pro4x
Yep, they are already shipped.

Have fun!

Thanks 2013Pro4X for re-posting the link
Just a heads up to everyone: Our shop will be closed down the week of 4/30-5/4 for our annual maintenance and spring cleaning. All orders that are received during this time, will ship out starting on Mon 5/7.
Are you able to do decals of name brands such as Holstein, SPC etc....? I ask because I'd like all my decals the same color.
We only do ones that we have permission to make (for copyright reasons). We have quite a few on file though. Email me and we can talk that way. (That way we're not side tracking this thread)

How often do you mail out the membership stickers? I joined around 6 weeks ago and still have not gotten my sticker.
We actually don't do those ones. Those are done by the forum owners themselves. I would think they would be coming anytime though.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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