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ClubFrontier is a community of Nissan Frontier enthusiasts. The goal of the community is to enhance the ownership of your Nissan Frontier through the exchange of information. With that exchange the following guidelines must be followed when using our forums, gallery, private messaging system, and other areas of the site:

Posts must be on-topic, relating to discussion of Nissan Frontier's. Posts in the wrong discussion areas will be moved without notice and posts that are not on topic for any ClubFrontier discussion area will be deleted without notice. Supporting Vendor threads should only be about the products they are advertising and Members are not: to debate pricing, post links to other similar products, or links to other purtchasing platforms with a similar product.
When posting, members must ALWAYS be respectful of fellow members and vendors. Personal attacks, trolling/baiting, deliberate antagonizing, and flaming will not be tolerated. A good rule is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you feel you are being attacked, report the post using the “Report Bad Post” button or private message a Moderator rather than replying or flaming back. However, do not use the report bad post feature to "cry wolf" when you are in fact the instigator of the demise of a discussion. Everyone who follows site rules is welcome to contribute to the community, regardless of brand ownership.
Before posting, use the Search function to see if there has already been a thread on the same subject. Do not start identical threads or cross-post the same thread in different forums. Identical threads will be deleted or merged without notice.
Do not post explicit, obscene, or vulgar language and do not solicit or offer explicit, X-rated, or similar content. If you are found linking to any of these you will be banned without any questions or warnings given. Also, no posting of scantily clad females in posts, signatures or avatars, we want this place to be clean for everyone without anyone being offended.
Posts relating to drug use, street racing, excessive speeding, or violations of other laws are prohibited. If you want to race, take it to a legal venue. Also, threads discussing any form of political interests usually lead to some form of flaming, so they will be deleted as well.
If you wish to advertise and/or perform market research on ClubFrontier, you must contact [email protected] or click this link (click) to Contact Us for more details.
If you are a vendor selling a product and you make a quantitative claim about its function or performance, you should expect to be questioned for data to back up that claim. Since this is a discussion forum, posts in areas other than Vendor announcements will result in questions, scrutiny and discussions.
Messages posted in this forum by members are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. By posting you take full responsibility for your post and the contents within it. This site,the owner, and moderators will not be held responsible for any information posted by members.
Any posts/threads/avatars/signatures deemed disruptive by the ClubFrontier’s staff may be deleted with no questions asked. A few examples of disruptive behavior may include: political topics, bringing up old threads for no reason, click bait/phishing links, and posting numerous “useless” threads at one time. Also, discussions related to banning or to someone that has been banned are not permitted. Comments or questions regarding a moderator decision should be sent in a PM or email to one of ClubFrontier’s staff. No threads or posts of this nature will be permitted. No posts which sole purpose is to bump the thread to the top of the active topics will be allowed.
Do not post links to software or copyright material that you do not own the copyright for. This includes Nissan Manuals that are not distributed freely. Do not request these from other members.
Signatures should not be so big that they cause the site to display incorrectly. Images in signatures are permitted but should not exceed 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height. If you have a large picture in your signature you should limit the text lines to only 2 lines. Signatures may only list info about your truck and/or other vehicles you own. No for sale items may be listed in your signature. No info in your signature, profile, or avatar that is contrary to the general forums rules (political, religious, etc). No links to vendors or commercial sites of any kind unless you are a paying sponsor. Signatures and profiles may only contain links to your personal site (such as MySpace or CarDomain) or auto clubs (such as NOAS, LINXC, ENCXC). Links or references to other internet forums are not allowed in your signature.
Each member may have only one ClubFrontier user account. Multiple accounts from the same user may be deleted in part or entirely.
Members may support the site by becoming a supporting member. See details here. Non-supporting members are not allowed images or verbage in their avatars or signatures indicating that they are a supporting member. Items will be removed without warning.
Violation of any of the above rules will result in a warning by the moderation team. After a member has been warned and continues with bad behavior they are subject to suspension. Interpretation and enforcement of these guidelines is done by the moderators and staff of ClubFrontier. Members must respect all moderators and the decisions they make. This is a thankless job and these guys volunteer to do this. Their word is final. If you have a problem with a moderator then do not discuss it in public; contact the moderator by PM and discuss it privately. It is not possible to list every possible contingency and variation on each rule, hence the need for human interpretation by the above parties for each specific case.
Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filters. This is a family-oriented forum. Posts with profanity may be deleted without notice at discretion of moderator.
All newly registered members must first make an introductory thread in the New Members Introduction sub-forum in order to then be able to post on other sub-forums throughout ClubFrontier. So don't be shy, say hello, and everyone loves seeing pictures of your Frontier so share a few. New Member Introduction. Please note - sometimes there is a delay after making this post and opening up the other forums. There is no certain time limit, we have seen 5 minutes to one day at times. Some people have also had success with speeding this up by logging out and then logging back in after they make their introduction thread.
17.FUN…. FUN…. FUN!!
Last but not least Have Fun!! It is a requirement that you have fun here. Hopefully these rules and guidelines help make ClubFrontier more fun for everyone, so post often and enjoy yourself.

* If you find that a user is violating one or more of the above guidelines PLEASE report a bad/flaming/illegal post by clicking on the Report Post icon. Excessive misuse of this feature will not be tolerated and is subject to discipline at a Moderator's discretion.

Please note:

If you are an authorized vendor selling a product and you make a quantitative claim about its function or performance, you should expect to be questioned for data to back up that claim. Since this is a discussion forum, posts in areas other than Vendor sub-forums may result in questions, scrutiny, and discussions regarding product performance, problems, and/or reliability. Members and vendors are asked to conduct these discussions in a civil manner.

Also, with today's technology, posts made on this forum can possibly be used against you in personnel matters. Please make sure any posts that you make are not against any policy your employer may have (i.e. privacy, disclosure, etc). The Moderators cannot possibly know all the laws and corporate policies out there, so you will have to police yourself against any potential repercussions.
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