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Cloth Seat Wear

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I have owned 4 Frontiers over the years, going back to the 80's. My current truck is a 2008 Club cab 4 X 4. My problem is the cloth seats are exhibiting premature wear. I had the driver's seat replaced under warranty after one year and now the replacement is exhibiting the same problem (fraying at about hip level, mostly on passenger side of driver's seat - I don't carry a wallet in my pocket). I have a 2000 Frontier with over 150,000 miles on it with cloth seats and they look like brand new. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thank You All Very Much!

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Seat Cover Option

Hi, and thanks for the reply. I think it's a shame what with the miracle fabrics that are available that Nissan would equip their trucks with material that would fray like this. My 2000 Frontier cloth seats are like brand new. My concern about the seat covers is that the seat cover liner will also rub on the seat back and cause (or even make worse) the same problem. Has anyone installed seat covers over their cloth seats and had success in eliminating this problem?

Thank You,


Thanks, BigDog,

I'll check out the Covercraft seats. How much do they cost? What model (fabric) did you get? Can you order directly from Covercraft?

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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