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Clicking noise when turning steering wheel...

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alrite well this seems like the most appropriate place to ask this question.....i have a clicking noise coming from my front end when i turn the steering wheel. noise comes mainly from driver side. also makes the clicking noise if my wheels hit the sidewalk when parking. i had a feeling its the cv joints going i took it to the dealership but they claimed that they didnt hear anything, and that it was fine! (yea right!) anyways...just wondering if the cv joints should be my main focus here before i start messing around with the truck myself???
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you ever find out what was going on? cuz I think I've got the same thing going on. Whenever I turn sharp to back out of the drive or a parking space it feels like something is vibrating, but that's the only time it sounds like that, and only in reverse that i've noticed
That sounds like tires rubbing, have you checked for contact on the frame, fender, bumper?
That's what i've been assuming, but I keep forgetting to get out and check. It just didn't seem the most likely since i'm using stock size tires with a 2" spacer lift
...and while your at it check to make sure that everything is good and tight, I went back in and rechecked everything a couple of weeks after I did my install and just about everything got a little tighter when I hit them again.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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