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Clarion VX709 7 inch DD in 08 Nismo.

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Finally decided on what to upgrade the factory Radio to. I've always been a fan of Clarion so i picked the Clarion VX709 primarily for the DVD but it also has Bluetooth built in and is easy to link up my Ipod. i saw an earlier model clarion in a pathfinder and fell in love. clean looking and very user friendly.
I also purchased an steering wheel control adapter as well as an XM module. Clarion said it was compatible with both of these.
I paid $540 shipped for the VX709 on Amazon,
$45 for a PAC SWIJACK steering wheel adapter,
$29 for the XM mini module.
i thought i got a good deal on everything and am doing the install myself so we'll see how it all turns out. still waiting too see if i can tie in my Fosgate Amp and Sub to the new Deck..
i ordered it all last night and it should all be here by next weekend.
sooo excited to get rid of the Amber color radio display. already made the Blue LED mod to the cluster and am waiting for other LED's for the other interior lights.
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dont forget to pick up a mounting kit and wiring adapter.
I was pretty sure the Double Din model i got can screw right in to the brackets the stock deck uses.. i really didn't know what harnesses to get but there are a couple stereo shops close by i can run to if i need one.
the mounting kit gives you the trim ring you will more than likely need to fill the gaps. if i understand it correctly, its the only piece you need out of the whole kit. as for the wiring harness there is only one. you need the 07 and up or 08 and up(cant remember which year they changed the plug).
Let us know how it goes. I have been looking at Clarion for a long time. I want the NX700really bad, but from what ive heard it wont be out until the middle of April or maybe later. I went with the Eclipse AVN726E for now. I like some things about it, but I think im still gonna go with the Clarion when it comes out! Your DD should bolr right up to your factory brackets, but unfortunately you will need the one little piece out of the dash kit to make it look good. I even had to trim the top off of my dash kit ring to make it fit right. It was too tight and the face on my DD wouldnt open!!!! Good luck!
The harness is $20 at the stereo shop down the road. they asked to see my truck with the radio out to make sure i get the right one. i'll have to ask about the trim piece too. to my surprise the Deck showed up on my porch today. Super fast shipping! I'll probably get it put in tomorrow minus the XM and Steering wheel controls. I'm terrible at taking pictures while i do stuff but ill be sure to take some of the finished product or any problems i run into.
Your gonna love the clarion double din!!! I had one in my old car, And it was the best. I have a pioneer double din in my new truck and I dont like it as much as the clarion. I am not hating on pioneer but clarion is better. If i could go back i would have got the clarion. Good choice!!!
OOOH, not sure if you will need an antenna adapter or not. cant remember if that changed in 08 or 09. Nissan Receiver Wire Harness For select 2007-up models at thats the adapter you need.
the mounting kit gives you the trim ring you will more than likely need to fill the gaps. if i understand it correctly, its the only piece you need out of the whole kit. as for the wiring harness there is only one. you need the 07 and up or 08 and up(cant remember which year they changed the plug).
i just changed mine out with a kenwood ddx512 (the harness plug was 14.00 at auto zone/just remove the factory brackets and attach them to the new unit ,and yes you will need the trim piece.there will not be a very large gap on the sides/top of unit but it finishes it all off,it is all very easy.
just a tip use a blunt tool(plastic scratches easily)
You will need a antenna adapter.
My Truck must be the exception to everything because... The harness the stereo shop sold me was wrong. they sold me the same one Mylt1 had a link to. so now i have to wait till monday to finish the install. the antenna plugged right in tho. come to find out there is an audio amplifier in my truck so the signal from the deck must be Pre Amp Voltage else when i hook it up... no sound... found this out after i looked at a wiring diagram of my truck. so after i buy the right harness and punch the stereo guy in the face everything should be good. trying to integrate into a factory premium sound system is challenging (for me anyway) its a learning process for sure. probably tie in the reverse wire and parking brake safety thing until i can get the other stuff.
so does anyone know if its possible to wire up the stock XM tuner to an aftermarket deck? i noticed it was mounted under the dash separate from the stock deck. same with the Stock bluetooth control unit?? i thought they were all part of the stock Deck but i guess not...
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the factory sat radio will not work with any other radio. not sure why you still have the old 2 plug adapter, unless your truck was one of the first 08's and they were still using the leftover radios. if you have an amp then you have the RF system. you will need to wire up the remote turn on from the aftermarket deck to the factory wiring. pay attention to that wire because if you dont hook it up you wont have sound.
that park sensor is just a ground,hook it up any way you choose,the dvd will only work when the truck is in park or with the brake on,i have mine so my kid can watch while we drive ,its a great thing to keep her quiet on long drives

the guys at pac audio may be able to help you better than a local shop.
This will get you wired up to the factory RF amp/sub combination in the best way possible. Quick, simple.

Stereo Wire Amp Harness Nissan Xterra 05 06 2005 2006 - eBay (item 110139531837 end time Mar-01-10 15:38:51 PST)
Yeah i was afraid of that. i just hate having all these components and not being able to use them. i like these functions thats why i made sure the Clarion had them.
That harness looks like the one i need. ill pick it up tomorrow. $20. hope the Stereo Guy cuts me a break for giving me the wrong one the first time. the deck has a nice blue backsplash to match my new blue LED modded interior! i wired the deck up enough to play with some of the functions without sound (pointless i know) the ground for the safety switch stays active when you turn the car off and back on. pretty much means i would need to wire it to a switch somewhere. i cant leave it grounded. they got smart i guess. XM module and Steering wheel adapter coming this week!
So i ran into a problem. after wiring the deck up with the right harness it makes a "pop" sound like the amp is overloading the speakers. it does it every time i change sources or change stereo stations on the deck. i double checked the grounds and wiring but it is still doing the same thing. i'm wondering if it is one of the other components i'm not using anymore interfering? like the bluetooth or XM because they tie into the factory audio amp. i dunno. i haven't had a lot of time to tear into it due to work and time with the fam.. any ideas about the "pop"?
Most likely its just a loose wire on your components, It has hapend to me befor. check the wire going from the cross over the the speaker in your components? it is probly just lose, sometimes they come loose when you put the door panel back on.
i'll double check everything when i install the steering wheel controls tomorrow. i haven't removed any door panels or anything other than what is accessible in the head unit area.
its probly just a loose connection somewher.
The premium system my Nismo comes with is pretty complex and integrated with everything else. i guess i think its more serious than it may be. really annoying tho!
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