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Clanking heard after trany oil pumpseal gone

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My auto pump seal went and drainded the trany. Now I hear a clanking if I run the engine. Will running the engine with no oil in the trany destroy the trany? I mean it is just sitting here for over a year now. I hear this awfull clanking while the engine is running. Sounds like a bolt is flying around in the supercharger. I can upload a mp3 if you would like to hear it. I took the supercharger belt off and it still clanking? Any help out there. what about dropping the trany and just poping on a new seal?
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This was the bolts that fell out of the torque converter. there are 4 and The 3 missing bolts we will never know what happened to them, allowed the converter to miss align and tore the pilot center nob right off the torque converter putting a gaping hole in the center and the fluid poured out. New converter and most things are fine.
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