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Clanking / Clunking Noise - Driver Side Wheel.

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Hey guys,
I'm not sure where this would go under so I thought the general discussion seemed best. I've looked around the site a little but not to sure what keywords to be using besides 'clunk' or 'clack' most results come up negative.
Here it goes, A few weeks ago it got real cold out, backed out of the garage and all was fine. I came up to a stop sign went to turn left and all i hear is this LOUD clacking and clunking noise from the left driver side wheel area(this can be felt through the floor). It felt as if the caliper would not release. As i pressed the gas the louder it got, it was so loud it was echoing off the houses.
The next day I took it to the car wash and sprayed the the rotors and caliper area thinking something go in between something and after that all was fine for 2 or so weeks.
The temps dropped again today and while i was driving i heard it again, and although i had the music up the first time i could feel it in the floor panels. What do you guys think it is? I think it may be the caliper not releasing? but i'm not really sure, It only happens when its colder (minus double digits), when its warm i've never heard it.
Its a 2005 Crew cab, Nismo all stock no add-ons. Havn't yet taking it to the dealer but was thinking of it. Have a feeling this might cost alot....
Anyone any thoughts?

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Take your tire off and check to see if your brake assembly is working correctly, also, get your cv axles checked! I broke my front left CV axle in my rodeo about 60k miles ago, absolutely STUCK in a foot of clay in low range and when i had it lifted too high in front without lowering the front differential... eeps. Anyways, after getting pulled out, my drive to the car wash was CLANKY and GRINDING only when turning... Took the boot off the left tire, low and behold, the cv axle exploded, haha... threw a new one on, back to smooth silence.
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