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I haven't seen a lot of posts about places in OC to take your Frontiers to service other than dealerships so I thought I can throw my 2 cents in.

I have been using Corner3 Garage not long after they opened in 2005. Steve is a Nissan Master Tech and left this job at the dealership to open his own shop. He is partnered with Nima who is on top of his game when it comes to customer service.

What I notice about them is their perfection or OCD when it comes to the little things. They are precise at what they do and at the same time straight up honest.

They perform everything from oil changes to engine swap and rebuilds and anything in between. I've been a loyal customer/friend of theirs going on 6 years now and I can't imagine going anywhere else.

You will know your car/truck is in good hands when you send it to Corner3.

Corner3 Garage

Hope this benefits you guys when you are looking for a service shop.
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