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Chihuahua Gulch

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I can be done in a stock '09 SE 4wd with no body damage. I'm bone stock except I have 265/70/16 Destination A/Ts. You just have to be very careful and pick the right lines. I would not do this trail by myself without spotters. Although, I did make it down without incident, in the heavy rain with no spotter. I was really impressed with the traction of the Destination A/Ts and the brake limited slip. I only lost traction once and it was on a steep section with loose rocks and mud after a creek crossing. I got traction though and made it up it just fine on the first attempt. The other guys with me were really impressed with how well my stock truck with A/Ts did. They had lifted vehicles with larger Duratracs.

Its a beautiful area with a lot of other trails to explore. The trail is blocked at ~12k feet. Make the hike to Chihuahua Lake at the top. Its worth the steep hike. It was breathtaking. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in my truck, but you can google it. I also went up Cinnamon Gulch and a lot of random side roads that went up to various mines. Lots of good camping site up there as well. Even along the really easy Peru Creek trail. - Chihuahua Gulch - Cinnamon Gulch - Peru Creek

Yes, my mud flaps took a beating. I'm leaving them on for now trying to cut down on the rock chips. I already have a shitload of them...
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Nice pics mang! Well shot andd it looks like you guys had fun.
Awesome looking trail and good pics!
Sweet, new trail to run!
I need to find something like that around here....
been to f'n busy, so all the trips have been work related, with not alot of time to explore.
I drove up it again on Monday. I was camping in the area, in a great site off of Cinnamon Gulch, and wanted to take my wife up to see Chihuahua lake. This time seemed more challenging for some reason. I bottomed it out more and spun in a few more places. IDK, if the trail washed out more or if it was the extra weight from all of the gear in the bed, but I don't think I'll take my truck up there again without more ground clearance and more skids and sliders. I think it would be fine with a leveling kit and larger tires though. Traction is definitely not an issue, but ground clearance is. No damage though, it still looks great cleaned up, but I did hit the frame pretty hard a few times. I hate that sound and don't want to tear anything up.


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Great pic's.

I think NXRocks is have a sale on skids this month.
Great pics!
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