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Thank you for the help on my previous thread about bed liners, extenders and covers. I’m disappointed to learn I can’t add floor rails because only trucks with value packages have reinforced beds but I’ll deal with it. Line-X is going into the bed tomorrow afternoon. If I decide to go with a cover it will probably be another Undercover.

I’m burning up the Search function looking at bug deflectors, body side panels, splash guards and floor mats. It appears most of you guys run OEM except floor mats where Weathertech seems to be the favorite.

Are there any other options I should consider? I’ve seen a few Husky fans. Looks like Weathertech also make a deflector but it may not follow the Frontier’s lines as well. The parts guy at my local dealer told me he hasn’t seen splash guards available for years. I’m not sure he knows what he’s talking about.
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