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Hello, I came across this site hope I can get some advise. My son has a 2002 4x4 Frontier XE 4 door 3.3 v6. to get started , we had to change the valve pan gaskets so I sprayed the motor off last weekend because it was pretty dirty where he has been **** hunting. Well now the check engine light has been on, never had a light on before i sprayed it off it never came on when I started it to help dry the motor. He drove it later that day and when he turned it off and started it back the light came on. I read the codes and the were 7 on it. cleared them figuring I just got the connections wet. stays off till you turn the engine off then start it back up. The codes are they same every time- PO132 O2 sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1, PO152 O2 sensor Bank 2 Sensor 1, PO328 Knock Sensor 1 Bank 1 these say Circuit High Voltage confirmed. Then it has the same codes codes saying Pending, But this morning I got a new code with them and it is P1163 No DTC found and its Pending. I have took and cleaned the the plugs on the wiring harness going to the O2 sensors with contact cleaner and a small brush, blew them out with a air hose and sprayed WD-40 in them and blew it out figuring they might have water in them, still get the same thing after you go some where turn the motor off then start it back, nothing while your driving it. Any help at all would be appreciated Thanks
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