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Charlie Foxtrot this is Delta Mike...

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Just popping smoke as requested.

New to me 2012 Metallic Blue Pro4X Crewcab in Manitoba Canada.
Love it so far. A very handy, sporty, practical unit for my needs. I wasn't really looking for one of these but the look of this one caught my eye while half-heartedly truck shopping. So, I brought it home ;-)

I'm actually a Jeeper when it comes to off road but the P4X is now my daily driver and work truck after 11 years bouncing around on and off road with my 05 TJ Rubicon. It's nice to drive something a little more comfortable as a daily.

Anyway, I'm just poking around looking for info and ideas on different things. Some of you have some very nice rigs. I could easily get carried away with off road mods, but that's not the plan for this one.... yet. Ha ha.

Looking to add some yellow fogs, window visors, bug deflector, maybe a Back Rack, a small light bar with some 7" rally lights would be nice, nothing too fancy. If anyone has any pointers or experience with these ideas, post up. I always appreciate good advice and direction to help sort out plans.

Cheers, glad to be here.
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Nice truck! Of course, I might be a little biased...

Poke around here a while and you will get lots of ideas, and a lighter wallet!

Welcome aboard...
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