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Charcoal Leatherette Seat Covers - GT Covers installed pics and review

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Pictures attached. The lighting and camera make them look lighter than they really are. They match the dash and side molding color PERFECTLY.

The covers took about 2 weeks to get. REQUEST samples first! You get a $10 of coupon, which I never did.

Fit: The fit was mostly excellent, with one issue...the stupid folding passenger seat! The bottom piece simply can't install correctly due to a strange lowered section in the back. Overall, the covers fit really tight and take a LONG TIME TO INSTALL (longer than you might think initially).

Durability: Overall, the material will stretch and shrink MOSTLY back to shape. Over time, it will permanently stretch slightly, creating a minor bulge where you sit after you get up. Colder weather hardness the material and warmer weather softens it. Cleaning ability is decent..just take a wet cloth and pass it by; GT Covers states to not use any chemicals and ONLY WATER.

Value: Not too great! You can get decent covers for $20 that will not fit perfectly, but fit okay.... but for 10 times less the price! The front set cost $200 with shipping and everything.

Overall: Great covers, but the only problem is that they are covers. Don't expect new seats!

I wanted covers because I do weekend construction-type work and have to get in the car with dirty clothing. This doesn't work with the rugged cloth seats, which collect dirt too easily, which will eventually smell up the truck. Also, cloth seats absorb sound very well.

I tried some cheap covers and realized the fit was horrible (it made it look like I had blankets wrapping the seats). I ordered GT Covers because they claim they have the best fit.

Recommendation: Leatherette will likely fit worse than Endura, which is obviously more durable.


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Looks nice, where did you buy them?
Looks good, I also bought the deluxe leather covers from, I have not installed them yet but I will post pictures when I do.

Thanks for the write-up. I'm waiting on Coverking Ballistic seat covers. I hope they fit as well as your covers. I wanted to try something different and a bit more durable, as I had Saddleman Tweed covers in my last vehicle. Saddlemans held up well and only started to fall apart on the driver side in the 7th year. I think that's pretty good but I think the ballistic nylon will offer a bit more protection and hold up even better.
Missed this post the first time around. Looks nice. Eventually, I'm going to either Katzkin my seats or do covers like this. Can you perhaps get a picture from a little farther back? I'm curious about the total look with the gray color match. Trying to decide between color matching or doing it in black or charcoal to add some contrast to the cab.
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