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Changing catalytic converts my self

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Anyone already did this and can give me some advice on how to do it? I'm pretty good at working on my truck. (Done a lot harder than this) but on the two front converts it almost looks impossible to undo the bolts on the engine side because the heat shield is in the way. But at the same time it looks crazy hard to try and get that heat shield off. It's hard enough to even see the bolts on the thing. Any advice on how yall did it would help! Thanks (2005 frontier 4.0)
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It's a bit of a PITA to replace the cats on the V6. It takes a pretty serious tool stash and/or a healthy dose of patience. You have to loosen the rest of the system first to get it off of the rear cats. Once the secondary cats are removed the primaries are much easier to access. Do yourself a favor and soak all the nuts and bolts with PB Blaster or similar for a couple days prior.
The driver's side heat shield is possible to remove intact with some super ninja wrench skills but it's nearly impossible to remove the pass side intact. Your options are to cut the shields to remove them or to work around them for the forward bolts on the primaries. It can be done, see previous mention of tools and patience ; )
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