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Changing catalytic converts my self

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Anyone already did this and can give me some advice on how to do it? I'm pretty good at working on my truck. (Done a lot harder than this) but on the two front converts it almost looks impossible to undo the bolts on the engine side because the heat shield is in the way. But at the same time it looks crazy hard to try and get that heat shield off. It's hard enough to even see the bolts on the thing. Any advice on how yall did it would help! Thanks (2005 frontier 4.0)
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Well, installing a replacement converter on my 1998 4-cylinder Frontier was easy-peasy after the single original one was unbolted and stolen in my driveway (I didn't need to buy replacement bolts and nuts !!). But yours sounds like a newer 6-cylinder version, you didn't state. And I'm in Arizona, you likely have more rust; so wear eye protection when under the truck.
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