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A couple weeks ago I changed out my coolant and replaced the thermostat with an aftermarket from O'reillys. The brand is a Murray which I was told opens 10 degrees lower than stock. Anyway, After installing the new Tstat and filling with coolant I took a test drive through the neighborhood and it ran hot with the temp gauge spiking pretty high. I drove it home and added more coolant and tried to purge more air from the system. Eventually I got all the air out of the system (I think) and coolant level is good.

I believe the Tstat is operating as it should and I have had no temp issues since. However, it seems like my radiator fan has not been working properly afterwards. The fan will kick on after driving once the truck is heated up but it doesn't seem to be turning off as it should. Once it comes on it just continues running until I turn the truck off. Any ideas why the fan is not turning off and what I can do to fix? Could it be a result of the new Tstat or maybe still air in the system? I'm not sure what would cause this.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

09 SE
103k miles
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