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Central WI Frontier with 227,000 miles :)

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Hello, I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier King Cab 3.3 V6 4x4 5mt with 227,000 miles! I LOVE this truck

My main needs at this point are to research items pertaining to: (and in this priority)

Finding a complete exhaust replacement (I have really bad exhaust fumes in the cab)
Find a fix for that pesky knock sensor CEL
Get the most lift with stock suspension (torsion bars and Add A Leaf)
Research aftermarket rear locker
General easy "upgrades"...such as there seems to be a classic mod to the intake people like?
Eventually I'd like to pull the motor to get new clutch in, replace oil pan, and find a pesky pinhole coolant leak that I can smell every so often

Other general research
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