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Central Florida BBQ! Take 2!

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Ok from the awesome responses over the last attempted BBQ but because of the rain. Let's go for a second attempt. The Beach meet was great and a good showing was in effect. So lets keep it going.

Where, When and such....

When: Sunday, June 13th.


Whos bringing what?
1.Chad - I got the regular stuff....plates, utensils, cups, that red and yellow stuff in a bottle, Charcoal ( and a internal happiness for playing with fire).
2.Tricha - dogs and burgers.
3 FL Backpackonwheels - brats and a couple of bags of coal
4.08Xterra - I'll bring sodas and high quality H20
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I may try and make this, I am new to the frontier world. It would be good to meet new people with the trucks
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