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Central FL Mod Day, July 31?

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Update: we will be meeting up on Saturday, Aug 7 instead. Will post time when we get closer, but probably something like 10am ish.

Hey guys,

Need to remove my radflos and AAL this weekend in prep for the impending sale of the truck. Anyone wanna help (or at least offer a carport so I don't die in the sunny parking lot of my complex?) I'll bring brews!

Let me know if anyone is interested. I don't mind helping out if anyone else has stuff to do to. I am located in 32159. Thanks!
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AutoZone, NAPA, heck Ace Hardware should have the Ubolts.
I went to advance auto and they didn't have any. NAPA wanted $30 a piece and wouldn't have them until tomorrow afternoon.
I'll just reuse mine and order some from PRG.
headed out now bro. see you around 10
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