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Central FL Mod Day, July 31?

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Update: we will be meeting up on Saturday, Aug 7 instead. Will post time when we get closer, but probably something like 10am ish.

Hey guys,

Need to remove my radflos and AAL this weekend in prep for the impending sale of the truck. Anyone wanna help (or at least offer a carport so I don't die in the sunny parking lot of my complex?) I'll bring brews!

Let me know if anyone is interested. I don't mind helping out if anyone else has stuff to do to. I am located in 32159. Thanks!
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well, i really wanna take care of it this weekend cuz i've got plans the next 2. i will speak with my gf about saturday to figure out which location works better, but for now i will say that kissimmee wouldn't be the end of the world for me. depending on where, it may only be a little over an hour from me.
that would be cool, if its ok w domo. as for the AAL hunter, domo called dibs on it a few weeks back. we are doing a straight leaf swap truck to truck. i will bring everything else i have though if you are interested. need a cb setup?!?
ok, so i went to work today, and they decided that i dont put in enough hours 5 days a week and now i have to work on saturday also. the relatively good news to this is that its only a half-day so at least ill be out by noon (and working in ocala).

sooo.... i can still get together on sat if you guys are down for it. wont be there until 2ish, but i know that i can get the leaves swapped relatively quickly, and the coilovers aren't that bad either.

you guys tell me if this is ok, otherwise i should be available sunday too.
i would still rather do saturday if we could. is it ok if we run into the early evening?
edited the date of since this weekend just isnt going my way. we shall meet up on saturday the 7th instead.

hunter; at the moment i have someone interested in the skids. i just quoted him shipping, which he may not be into. if he bails, i'll let you know and you can have next dibs.
bump on this.

domo - we still on for this saturday? just let me know what time and if you could pm me the address i'd appreciate it.

o, and if you haven't already- invest in a can of pb blaster penetrating lubricant and spray down all the bolts on your rear suspension from now until saturday once a day quick. it will make sure that we don't get stuck on a rusted bolt (not that it's as much a problem here as it was for me back in NY...)

o, and would it also be ok if i did my fsu that day? i dont expect the suspension to take all day, but you let me know if you have a deadline you need to be out by on sat and i'll go with that.
yeah, 10 is perfect. and yes, the fsu is my failed fuel sending unit. gotta drop the tank but it shouldnt be too bad from what ive been reading.
headed out now bro. see you around 10
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