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Central FL Mod Day, July 31?

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Update: we will be meeting up on Saturday, Aug 7 instead. Will post time when we get closer, but probably something like 10am ish.

Hey guys,

Need to remove my radflos and AAL this weekend in prep for the impending sale of the truck. Anyone wanna help (or at least offer a carport so I don't die in the sunny parking lot of my complex?) I'll bring brews!

Let me know if anyone is interested. I don't mind helping out if anyone else has stuff to do to. I am located in 32159. Thanks!
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You can use my garage if you want to.
If your truck will fit anyway.

Otherwise, I might have an open garage in kissimmee we can use.

The Kissimmee idea would make it easier to swap out our rear leaf packs. Plenty of space.

Let me know ASAP if you want to do that so I can pop my front lift in before the weekend and get an alignment.
That would be fine by me if another wants to come by and help out.
Kissimmee would work out much better than my house here in Oviedo due to the amount of space we would be able to work with.
Sinclair Road, Kissimmee, FL - Google Maps
This is pretty spot on for the location without giving the address.
Either day works for me, just pick which one you prefer so I can get the go ahead to use the space.
i would still rather do saturday if we could. is it ok if we run into the early evening?
We could work until about 8pm, any later than that and we would be eaten alive by bugs. That should give us plenty of time though.
What should I haul out there?
I figure jack, stands, wrenches...anything else?
I might pick up some new u-bolts, where would be the best place to get them?

edit: I'm bringing one of these too
Hunter Garage Fan
bump on this.

domo - we still on for this saturday? just let me know what time and if you could pm me the address i'd appreciate it.

o, and if you haven't already- invest in a can of pb blaster penetrating lubricant and spray down all the bolts on your rear suspension from now until saturday once a day quick. it will make sure that we don't get stuck on a rusted bolt (not that it's as much a problem here as it was for me back in NY...)

o, and would it also be ok if i did my fsu that day? i dont expect the suspension to take all day, but you let me know if you have a deadline you need to be out by on sat and i'll go with that.
Yep, I am ready to go. As far as time, it doesn't matter to me. The earlier the better really. 10AM works for me but you let me know what you have in mind.
The bolts have been getting a spray a day since last Thursday!
I don't know what you mean by FSU but I don't see why not :laugh:
It is my moms house so we don't need to be out of there until around 8PM, she heads to work early so I don't want to cut into her evening too much.
PM me what time you want to start (10AM or something else) and then ill get back to you with the address and my cell#.

I forgot about those damn u-bolts, lol. I guess I will have to check before Saturday if any local places have them.
AutoZone, NAPA, heck Ace Hardware should have the Ubolts.
I went to advance auto and they didn't have any. NAPA wanted $30 a piece and wouldn't have them until tomorrow afternoon.
I'll just reuse mine and order some from PRG.
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