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Center dash electrical gremlin

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I have a random, hard to replicate electrical problem on my 1999 XE with the V6. Sometimes the radio, the power accessory socket and the ciggarette lighter just won't have power when I first start up the truck. These systems will remain inoperable either until the next time I go to start it up again, or very weirdly, they will just magically come back on while driving. Seems to take a while when this happens, upwards of 45 min or more, but there really seems to be no rhyme or reason behind it. I think it may be water triggered as it seems to almost always do this after it's rained, but I've recently noticed that these systems will not have power sometimes when it hasn't rained. I live in Georgia so maybe it has something to do with the humidity, I'm not sure. I've never seen these systems lose power while driving; if they are working at startup they will work continuously. Any suggestions on where to look first would be greatly appreciated!
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Thank you so much for responding!

Ok so I've looked on the Nissan Parts Deal diagram and it looks like this relay, just like you said, is located along with the ignition and blower relays in box "E," I guess my next question is:
Where is box E? Is it behind the radio?
I have a new relay on order, should arrive Tuesday. If this doesn't end up being the fix it's fine since this type of relay is also used for several other systems, good to have on hand.
If the relay isn't the issue then checking the grounds will be the next step.
Well dang, that's actually a really good idea!
Oh well, I don't mind having a spare if it turns out to not be the relay, and now anyone in the future that reads this will know this and try swapping one out first.
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