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havent posted in awhile to update the things i had done to remove the CEL.

so here goes. hope this helps someone or saves someone money.

2004 CC LB SC

50$ for a vg33e KS (from infiniti) relocated

50$ for vg33e o2 sensor (exterra) still have 3 original

860$ for left/right side cats-manifolds.

300$ for nismo cat back exhaust including "y"pipe

600$ for installation of cats-manifolds AND removal of secondary cats. (they welded in straight pipes2.5inch)

all CELs have been removed and have not returned. scanning truck shows normal on all sensors.

improved gas mileage and HP.

next up is stabilizer links, timing belt, plugs again, cap, rotor, rear shocks, water pump thermostat,

also, can verify couple things. one spacing out the post o2 sensors from the exhaust stream did work and had my CEL off for 0420 code long enuff to get sticker.
i can explain more if someone needs.

also removing the secondary cats seems to have no effect on the CEL.
so if you can i would recommend it.

LOU's Custom Exhaust did my install and i guess they are national somewhat.

feel free to send me mail or ask me anything,

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they weren't plug and play and i live in mass and didnt want to screw around too much with our emmission standards. just wanted to get rid of the codes.

i certainly could have but that would have taken more adjustment to keep the truck in spec. didnt want to spend the money on reprogramming if needed.

i also notice in your 03 discription that you havent installed come?
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