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Hi everyone, first of all thanks for taking the time off to read my post.

here is the deal: i own a frontier d22 zd30ddt engine, crew cab.

this Saturday i had this problem: i was driving on highway doing some 90 mph at 3500-3600 rpm when the truck suddenly started bucking, the check engine light turned on and i pulled over to check oil and stuff like that, i thought maybe something went off and i spilled the oil or something worst. turns out there was no oil nowhere, then i thought it was a sensor thing so i checked all the sensors, unplugged and plugged them again. i turned the ignition key, all the lights were on then i started the engine, the light was off. i thought it was a faulty sensor or something, i hit the road again. shifting at 3200-3500rpm, 1rst gear was ok, 2nd gear was ok, 3rd gear when i reached 3k rpm there was the bucking, shifted to 4th gear at 3k the same, the vehicle was bucking again, at 5th gear when i got 3100 rpm there was the bucking again and the light !! pulled over again, and do over.

maybe its just me but i think the vehicle should behave better at 2k rpm but it doesnt i kind of feel it powerless, it just get better when i get to 2,5k rpm wich shouldnt be since ive seen the torque graphic and @2k rpm the vehicle should have maximun torque, so whats going on with me ?

iam actually running a frontier with a zd30ddt engine with blocked EGR, oil catch can, original turbo and 2.5" exhaust straight pipe from dump pipe.

PD: i checked the header for leaks, maybe the gasket was failing and i was losing pressure but no, no leaks.

iam kind of desperate, this week iam going to install a boost gauge to measure the turbo boost, anyone knows what the normal boost readings should be like ??

greetings, any help would be just fine.

if anyone knows how to read a CEL code with a scanner by making the CEL light blink id really appreciate it.
PPD: it is not the gearbox, already checked the neutral position switch.
the vehicle its 2005, 35k miles, (in my country they kept selling the frontier till 2007, with the zd30ddt engine and the 2.4 gas engine).

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