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CD player not working...

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Hi guys, anyone have their CD player not working? My problem is that the CDs get stuck and then it sounds like the CD player motor is weak/dead. Any way to "troubleshoot" the player or fix this problem? or is my best bet to buy a new system? i figured it would be more expensive to have it fixed my a professional than just getting a new system. I'm a broke college on a budget, but i need music :(

thanks for any info.
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unfortunately from your sig i guess it is out of warranty now?

i would suggest since you have an older model it would probably be more beneficial to look into either an upgrade (if you can afford the $) OR look on the for sale/WTB section - i know there were a few systems on there before.

if i had my new system in i would of made you a good offer on my stock 6 CD HU but still waiting on everything.

sorry i couldn't be any more help & best of luck !
Aftermarket stereos are really cheap these days for a simple head unit.
Probably $125-$150 would get you a decent new unit.

If that's too much to afford at this point put a "WTB" post in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum stating what you want, ie. factory single unit (or whatever).
Lots of people have replaced their factory head units and have their old ones just laying around.
They would probably make you a heck of a deal on a factory unit and it would be a simple swap out.

Also, here are a couple of used aftermarket units just recently posted:

And you are correct about having the stock one fixed, it would probably cost you more than buying a new/used head unit.
We're in the same boat. Mine did the exact same thing and after repeated attempts to fix it I finally fixed it by throwing it out the window at 80mph. They are not worth spending any money on.

My brother-in-law (same problem with his) and I both are looking for a stereo. We were finding some good brands last night for as little as $80. I am also I broke college student and he doesn't want to spend anything on his.

Here is one I was looking at. Sony Xplod CDX-GT24W Car CD Receiver: Auto Electronics I don't think Sony Xplods look good most of the time and they are not top of the line but I don't care. They will last at least a few years and it's tunes!
cool thanks guys! ya i'm just gonna suck it up and get an aftermarket unit. i hear the JVC and Sony's are decent for around $120. Guess i could use my ipod too!
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