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CC LE lift measurements

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Hey peeps. Just wondering if any CC LE owners, with Radflo 2.0's and 285/70/17's could tell me what their measurements are from ground to top of wheel arch?
Reason for asking is I have ordered some Radflo ext. 2.0's and aal's. NO UCA's just yet (lack of funds). Was told by Greg at PRG to just put a piece of rubber hose on UCA for now. ANYHOW... I was curious to know how high my truck would/could actually sit. I know I could just add 2"-2.5" to whatever I measure, but I think my stock suspension is pretty sagged out. So here is my thinking. If the advertised 2-2.5" lift with coilovers is based on the height achievable from a truck with "newer" suspension..... would that mean when I get the coilovers on my sagged out 06 CC LE, I could potentially see more than 2-2.5"????:) I think it makes sense... but I have been very wrong before so...
Anybody with CC LE's that wanna show an anxious guy some numbers would be pure hero. If im wrong in my sagged out suspension theory, please feel free to correct and educate me please.

My 06 CC LE is currently: Front = 33.75" , Back = 34.25" ground to highest point of wheel arch. With stock 265/65/17's.

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Zedbra- Thanks. Yeah I was pretty sure I was gona get the "lots of variables" answer for the most part. Like I said, just curious. I was hoping you would post up. Your honestly the one that came to mind when I was thinking about the Radflo's on a CC LE. 39" with a 2" bl eh? I could be happy with that!! Hell who am I kidding, I would be happy with anything at this point, LOL.

Thankyou sir.

P.S: Just don't wana be disappointed after droppin more than a G on suspension.
Ooooohh. :fantastic:You guys are getting me excited. If I end up around like 38" after I do the Rad's, and a 2" bl, I will be super happy. Thanks a bunch guys. Always helps when you have numbers, so when I see pics I have a better idea.

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